Error: Installing iKernel.exe (0x10000)









When trying to install the Abacus Teaching Software, the below error message keeps appearing.


"Error installing iKernel . exe ( 0x10000 )"



This error sometimes occurs with an older version of the InstallShield iKernel engine. This error might also occur when trying to install the Abacus Teaching Software over a network.



If the software is being attempted to be installed over a network connection, copy the installation files to the local hard drive and run the installation from the workstation.

If the installation is not over a network (Standalone or single user install), try checking one or more of the below steps that usually resolve this issue:

  • How Do I Install iKernel ?
  • Detect and End Previously Running Installation Processes
  • Close Applications Running in the Background
  • Clean the Temp Directory


A more detailed description on these above points and how to make any relevant chances can be found on the InstallShield web site.


Installshield website - Support Article Q108450



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