Introduction to Food and Beverage Service

Part of the Introduction to Food and Beverage Service series

Publication Date
March 1998

From sandwich bars to formal dining rooms – make sure you’ve got the service skills you need!

A comprehensive training guide covering essential technical and inter-personal skills, and emphasising all aspects of good service and product knowledge together with essential communication, personal organisation and technical skills.

  • User-friendly with a straightforward writing style providing all the essential information.
  • Over 100 photographs and line drawings.
  • Outstanding glossary for quick reference explaining technical terms, culinary words, French phrases and other cooking traditions.

Contents Listing

1. Hospitality and the Waiter
2. The menu
3. Food service equipment
4. Food service preparation
5. Food service procedures: The Preliminaries
6. Taking orders and correcting the covers
7. Styles of service: plate service
8. Silver service
9. Clearing the table
10. Other forms of service
11. Other food service procedures
12. The use of the Guridon
13. Beverage equipment and service knowledge
14. Beverage product knowledge
15. Beverage service procedures
16. End-of-service procedures
17. Function operations

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