BTEC Level 2 First Sport Student Book

Part of the BTEC Level 2 First Sport series

Publication Date
January 2010

Student Book with CD ROM:

  • Covers all mandatory and optional units, giving you the breadth to tailor the course to your learners’ needs and interests.
  • Achieve your potential: Assessment activities and grading tips in each unit help your students to deepen their knowledge and understanding, enabling them to achieve the best grade they can.
  • Put yourself in the professionals’ shoes: WorkSpace case studies take your learners into the real world of work, showing them how they can apply their knowledge in a real-life context.
  • My Experience: Advice from former students on how to make your learners’ BTEC experience a stepping stone to success.   
  • Edexcel’s Assignment tips: Invaluable unit-by-unit advice written and verified by experts in the BTEC team, helping you to get the most from your BTEC course.

 Unique Video Podcast on free CD-ROM:

  • A blend of video and animation that visually and audibly reinforcing learning to give learners a much richer learning experience than a textbook alone can offer.
  • Covering the anatomy and physiology of abdominal muscles so that your students have an engaging learning tool that focuses on content that they've typically struggled with.
  • Use on the go, anywhere! The video podcast can be loaded all kinds of devices, including MP3 players, mobile phones so your students can use the podcast out in the field, practicing while they learn!
  • FREE to download from the iTunes store and our website as well as being supplied free with every Student Book and the Teaching Resource Pack.

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Contents Listing

Unit 1   Fitness testing and training

Unit 2   Practical sport

Unit 3   Outdoor and adventurous activities

Unit 4   Anatomy and physiology

Unit 5   Injury in sport

Unit 6   Practical sport

Unit 7   Planning and leading sports activities

Unit 8   Technical skills and tactical awareness for sport

Unit 9   Psychology for sports performance

Unit 10 Nutrition for sports performance

Unit 11 Athlete development

Unit 12 Lifestyle and the sports performer

Unit 13 Work experience in the sports industry

Unit 14 Exercise and fitness instruction

Unit 15 Sport and leisure facility operations

Unit 16 Leading outdoor and adventurous activities

Unit 17 Expedition experience

Unit 18 Factors affecting sports performance

Unit 19 Business skills in sport

Unit 20 Planning and running a sports event

Three of the optional units covered are supplied electronically on a free CD-ROM that comes with each Student Book. CD-ROM also contains our unique video podcast.

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