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Q) How can I tell what is the best subscription/service for me?

A) You can speak to your Local Sales Consultant or use the Product Finder on the ‘All products in this series’ tab on the relevant subject page on our website. Alternatively contact our Digital Support team through this link


Q) What is my school size?

A) Your band size is determined by the size of your school  as listed in our system based on the number of students you have registered. Please contact Digital Support if your size is incorrect.



Size of school

Extra large   








Extra small


Q) When does the yearly subscription start?

A) When you receive your Access/Institution code.


Q) Will my subscription/service renew automatically?

A) The purchaser in your school  will receive notification in advance of the auto-renewal and will be offered the chance to cancel. If we do not hear from your school the product will renew automatically to ensure you do not lose access to the service or your data.


Q) Are there prices for book bundles?

A) Yes, you can purchase an annual subscription to our ActiveBook bundles, you can find out about these on the ‘All products in this series’ tab on our website.


Q) Will the price rise over the next 5 years or should the costs stay at a similar level?

A) We cannot promise the price will remain the same, but we will always be competitive and endeavour to offer a fair price for our services.


Q) When will ALL the content be ready?

A) Each course is different, but the specific information can be found on the relevant subject pages or from your local consultant or call us on 0845 313 8888


Q) Can I have a free trial?

A) We currently offer slices of our products on the subject pages, find out more about your subject , or contact your local consultant.


Training and support

Q) What training do you offer?

A) We offer paid for in-school product Training - find out more  

Q) What support is there?

A) We offer a full range of online help documents and videos. We also offer paid for in-school product training (click this link to book). If you still need help, you can contact our Digital Support Team.

Q) Can all my colleagues have access too?

A) Yes, each product you order is available for your whole department to use.

Q) Who can I call if I have further questions?

A) Please contact our Digital Support Team, who will be able to answer your query or direct you to your local Schools Consultant.

If you wish to discuss further purchases or have other questions about your account you can find your local consultant here.


System issues

Q) What are the system requirements?

A) Visit our system requirement pages: Homework and Practice  and  Planning and Teaching.


Q) Does it work on tablets?

A) Yes, and we’re working on some great examples of how this can benefit you in your classroom.


Q) Who do I contact if I have technical problems?

A) Use this from to Contact our Digital Support Team. 





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or call the Digital Support Team on 0845 313 8888









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