Integrated Science for Jamaica

Integrated Science for Jamaica: Book 1

Part of the Integrated Science for Jamaica series

Publication Date
March 2009

Tailored for the Jamaican curriclum, this course is the ideal foundation to Science.

Contents Listing

Unit 1 - Introduction to science
1.1 Science in everyday life
1.2 Working like a scientist
1.3 Safety precautions
1.4 Using our senses to explore the environment
1.5 Using instruments and equipment to extend the use of our senses

Unit 2 - Grouping things
2.1 Why group things?
2.2 Living and non-living things
2.3 Plants and animals
2.4 Grouping plants
2.5 Grouping animals
2.6 Solids, liquids and gases

Unit 3 - Living things and how they reproduce
3.1 The flowering plant
3.2 Floral parts
3.3 Sexual reproduction in flowering plants
3.4 Reproduction without seeds
3.5 Seed structure and germination
3.6 Reproduction in humans

Unit 4 - Responsible living
4.1 Sexually transmitted diseases
4.2 Drugs - use and abuse

Unit 5 - Energy
5.1 Forms of energy
5.2 The sun as an energy source
5.3 Fuels and their uses
5.4 Energy conservation

Unit 6 - Our place in the Universe
6.1 Our place in the Universe
6.2 Earth and the solar system


Science words


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