Heinemann - Supporting the 2008 National Year of Reading

The National Year of Reading is a year-long celebration of reading in all its forms - a chance to change attitudes to reading amongst children, families and adult learners alike and get everyone involved in reading for pleasure.

Here at Heinemann, the UK's leading educational publisher for schools and FE colleges, we're proud to be supporting the 2008 National Year of Reading. Whether you're a teacher helping to create tomorrow's life-long readers, a parent seeking to inspire your children or a tutor looking to unlock the potential of your adult learners, you'll find brilliant books and inspirational resources to make everyone feel good about reading right here.

Check out our 'Reading Skills' page for resources to help create a 'nation of readers' or take a look at some our our 'Brilliant Books' - lively, colourful fiction for younger readers and poetry, fiction and fantastic writing from around the world for teachers, parents, students and readers of all ages!

Take a minute to discover how we've interpreted the National Year of Reading's Monthly Themes too, with ideas for in and outside the classroom and suggested reading to get you involved!


Reading Skills

Monthly Themes for 2008 National Year of Reading


Brilliant Books for 2008 National Year of Reading

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