Water: a precious resource Whiteboard Active Pack

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June 2008

Discover the value and many uses of water

The importance of water on a local, national and global scale, across a range of industries, and the possible problems caused by water, for pupils age 7-11.

The importance of water is clearly presented in this highly interactive and thought-provoking resource, covering the role of water on a local, national and global scale, across a range of industries, as well as highlighting the problems of flooding, droughts and pollution.

  • Features high-quality BBC video clips, audio, images and activities
  • There are strong cross-curricular links with history, music, literacy and art, enabling a comprehensive exploration of the topic
  • Literacy links and discussion points throughout
  • Accompanying teacher’s book providing a wealth of lesson planning support and activity ideas

Key benefits:

  • Rich and varied content that pupils will enjoy
  • Wide-ranging video and activities allow unique approach to lessons
Cross-curricular links: history, music, literacy, art, citizenship


  Water Whiteboard Active CD-ROM

 Water Whiteboard Active CD-ROM

Contents Listing

Unit 1: Water all around us

  • Water Everywhere
  • Where does rain come from?
  • The water cycle
  • The source of a river
  • River Features
  • Meanders
  • A Song from Down Under
  • The River Estuary
  • A River Story
  • River Poems:
    - The River
    - Writing focus: Stream Story
  • River Paintings
  • Rivers in Music
Unit 2: Water For living
  • Water in the Home
  • How Much Water do we Use?
  • Writing Focus: True or False
  • Where does the used water go?
  • How does water get to and from our homes?
  • Do you know what happens to our dirty water?
  • Water for the World:
    - Our wet planet
    - Water scarcity
    - The problem with water
  • Making water drinkable
  • A Tubewell
  • How Many?
  • How other people get clean water?

Unit 3: Water Issues

  • Flooding:
    - Flooding in the United Kingdom
    - What happens when it rains in a town or city?
    - A Flooded village
    - A Flooded city
    - Flooding in Bangladesh
  • What can we do?
  • The Great Stink of 1858
  • Threats to water wildlife habitats
  • Drought:
    - Water Focus: The vanishing sea
    - The vanishing lake
    - No water at all
    - What is Wajir like?
    - Graphs to show the climate in Wajir

Unit 4: The Uses of Water

  • How many different ways?
  • Water for fishing
  • Water for local industry
  • Water for agriculture
  • The Leeds and Liverpool canal
  • The story of the canal
  • Water Fountains
  • The Norfolk Broads
  • Water sports
  • Living by water


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