Primary EYFS resources from BBC Active Whiteboard Active Early Years

BBC Active's Whiteboard Active CD-ROMs offer an interactive multimedia approach to teaching Early Years topics.  Developed around the National Curriculum, with teacher support throughout, each topic resource offers all the content teachers need to create captivating lessons with minimal preparation.

Early Years from BBC Active

  • Keep your pupils focused with a huge range of BBC video that they'll recognise and enjoy
  • Teach how you want with adaptable content to suit your style
  • Avoid hours of planning with prepared content and lesson plans
  • Get the most out of your budget with site licence resources for £50


"The children find many of the video clips spellbinding [and] the tools..actively promote speaking and listening."

Carolyn Turk, St. Matthews School


Series Includes

  • - Find Out About: Ourselves (Age 3-5)
  • - Find Out About: Homes (Age 3-5)
  • - Find Out About: Problem Solving Age 4-5
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