What is Whiteboard Active?

Exciting learning is all about pace and that’s what a Whiteboard Active delivers. No more chopping and changing between resources and video clips, but everything you need in one place to deliver exciting learning using the best of BBC Video, photo and audio content.

With interactive activities, highlighted learning objectives, writing opportunities, cross-curricular links and the best of BBC content, using a Whiteboard Active resource will focus your teaching on key objectives and support your classroom experience.

Videos can be bookmarked and activities can be edited making them fully differentiable and relevant to your class.  The CD-Rom also comes with a Teacher’s Book with classroom ideas to support the content.



  • Site license CD-ROM ideal for whole class and pupil use on any interactive whiteboard

  • Inspirational video clips, audio, images, texts and activities

  • On-screen teacher’s notes

  • Search by objective, keyword or asset type

  • Accompanying teacher’s book for topic support


Take a look at our five short video-clips to see how Whiteboard Active can help engage and motivate the children in your classroom.


A highly-flexable resource

Easy to use and with lots of flexibility, Whiteboard Active gives you the freedom to use the material in the way that best suits your teaching needs.  



High-quality video and a range of engaging activities

Covering a wide range of topics and packed with engaging and relevant activities, Whiteboard Active gives you with access to a vast library of high-quality BBC video that your pupils will easily relate to and enjoy.    



Mapped to the Curriculum

Resources are developed around the National Curriculum with clear objective links to guide you though topics easily





Whether you choose to follow our suggested routes through the material or create your own, Whiteboard Active provides you with quick and easy access to a wealth of relevant material, which means less time spent preparing for lessons.     

Time saving


Strong Literacy Links

From texts to poems to writing activities, all of our resources have engaging literacy tasks for your pupils to enjoy.

Literacy Links


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