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Reading Challenge!

Below, you will find a selection of fun and engaging Bug Club eBooks and activities for you and your child to enjoy together.
  • To launch an eBook click on the cover!
  • The books are arranged in order of reading difficulty
  • Look out for the Bug Icons that indicate an interactive quiz or activity!
  • Once your child has read the books at their level, download and present them with the Bug Club Reading Challenge certificate!

Happy reading!


     A Volcano Wakes Up                 How Do Lobsters                  Quigleys Wild Life


                            Real Life Daredevils                      Why Does Lightening Flash

Please note: eBooks on this page are the previous version of the eBooks, made in Flash, therefore aren't iPad compatible, however the books within Bug Club are all iPad compatible.

To see Bug Club working on an iPad please contact your local consultant for a free trial of Bug Club on ActiveLearn Primary.










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