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Teaching for mastery in maths

What is mastery?

In a primary maths context, ‘mastery’ is when a child has achieved a secure understanding of mathematical concepts and processes, combined with genuine procedural fluency.

A child who has mastered a particular skill is able to apply their understanding of maths concepts and procedures to reason and to solve different types of problems, including where the skill is either embedded in a different context, or where a choice of method has to be made.

Some children will be able to achieve mastery with greater depth. This means that they are able to apply their understanding of a concept in a wider variety of contexts, some of which are more difficult and less obvious.

Free maths mastery workshops

This term we're running face-to-face workshops, where we'll help you untangle what mastery in maths means to you, what it might mean for the children in your class, and ways to approach teaching for mastery in maths in practice. The session will be a mix of presentation and hands-on activities. 

Pop your details into this form to register your interest and your local consultant will be in touch.


Looking for resources to support you in teaching for mastery?


Discover new Power Maths, the whole-class mastery approach that works for every child. 




Find out how Abacus can support you in teaching for mastery and help inspire a genuine love of maths.



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