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A major topic in Primary History is evacuation during the Second World War.

To help you create the best possible lessons for this topic, we have a fantastic range of easy-to-use digital resources which cover every possible aspect of evacuation, from wartime videos to images, music and stories.


Have a look through our range of titles below, featuring comprehensive teacher support and a great cross-curricular focus, ideal for the creative curriculum!




(KS2/Age 7-11 History iPoster CD-ROM)

Explore the reasons for evacuation during World War II through a variety of historical sources including archive footage, period posters and songs, and recent interviews with evacuees, all presented in the form of an interactive poster for your whiteboard. This CD-ROM is great value at only £99.99 for a full site licence!

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Evacuees iPoster CD-ROM



(KS2/Age 7-11 History/Literacy DVD Plus Pack)

An adaptation of Nina Bawden's classic drama, based on the lives of Second World War evacuees - an ideal resource for teaching the Primary framework for Literacy at KS2, with the great quality of BBC television and strong teacher support.

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Look and Read: Spywatch

(KS2/Age 7-11 Literacy DVD Plus Pack) 

Follow the adventures of a group of children evacuated during World War II as they try to solve the mystery of suspected spies - an ideal resource to link History and Literacy at KS2.  Make learning more enjoyable with the trusted BBC television and full teacher support.

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(KS2/Age 7-11 History DVD Plus Pack)

This BBC DVD brings the experiences of wartime evacuees to life, focusing on evacuation and daily life of those affected. This DVD offers the fantastic BBC programmes with all the support need to easily teach this topic.




Children in the Second World War

(KS2/Age 7-11 History E Big Book) 

Explore wartime evacuation through fantastic imagery and accompanying activities, covering a range of aspects from the main events of the war to rationing and air raids.  The full site licence means the resource can be used across the school.

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Children in the Second World War: Literacy File

(KS2/Age 7-11 History/Literacy E Big Book)

Learn about evacuation during the Second World War through a range of different texts, including diary accounts, poetry and reports - ideal for cross-curricular literacy focus, with a full site licence to use across your school.

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Children in the Second World War




(KS2/Age 7-9 Music audio CD) 

Get a link to the History and Literacy curricula with this audio resource recounting the lives of evacuees.  A great music title with the trusted BBC quality.

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