BBC Active resources to Transform your primary lessons

If you're looking for a creative approach to cross-curricular teaching, BBC Active resources will enable you to create rich lessons that will entertain and inspire your pupils.  

Designed for children aged 3-11, our resources cover over fifty topics across nine primary subjects and include a wealth of fantastic support to help you prepare quicker than ever!

Take a closer look at Fun with Phonics|, Whiteboard Active| and iPoster|.



Using the popular BBC Words and Pictures programmes, Fun with Phonics makes teaching and learning synthetic phonics simple and fun. BBC Active resources - Fun with phonics

  • Easy to teach. The high-quality digital resources can be used on any digital whiteboard. 
  • A multi-sensory approach.  Children see the letter, hear the sound and air-write with their finger, following the magic pencil. 
  • Fun and motivating.   Video clips, games and familiar characters motivate children to learn while a range of online and print decodable Readers allow them to apply their reading skills.
  • A programme you can have confidence in. Matches the DfE criteria for high-quality phonic work and covers the 44 phonemes and alternative graphemes of Letters and Sounds, Phases 2-5. 
  • Comprehensive teaching support.  Interactive and print activities are included throughout to support pupil assessment. 

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get the best from your interactive whiteboard

With hundreds of video and audio clips from across the BBC, Whiteboard Active provides you with a flexible BBC Active resource that is ideal for whole-class and cross-curricular teaching.

BBC Active resources - Living in Contrasting Environments Whiteboard Active CD-ROM

  • Attention-grabbing.  The interactive tools and captivating videos help children gain a clearer understanding of concepts and provide opportunities for developing speaking and listening skills
  • Developed around the National Curriculum.  Clear objectives guide you easily through topics while the wealth of activities provide opportunities for assessment for learning. 
  • Flexible and time-saving. Everything you need to quickly and easily create entertaining lessons. Follow our route or build your own.
  • Literacy links – each module includes writing activities for every topic, both on screen and on paper, embedding cross-curricular work.    

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take an active approach to learning with iposters

 iPosters are an exciting and highly-visual range of CD-ROM based interactive posters designed for whole-class teaching across a range of subjects for children aged 7-11. 

BBC Active resources - Woodland

  • Create an active approach to learning. Explore  different aspects of the posters via a series of onscreen hotspots, link to the best of BBC video, interactive activities, audio and visual stimuli. 
  • Curriculum focused topics. From recycling to rainforests, iPosters give you the tools to teach in new and creative ways.  
  • Teach with confidence. In addition to its intuitive layout and easy-to-use interactive tools, all iPosters include a teacher’s area with topic notes, worksheets and web-links.

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