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The demise of the old NC levels offers a great opportunity to re-evaluate how we assess and measure achievement, but it has also left many unclear as to how they should fill this void so that it best meets the needs of pupils, parents, and of course Ofsted.

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Here you'll find information to help you alleviate any concerns you may have around assessment, and to inspire you to create an approach to assessment that puts your children and your curriculum at its heart. 


Free assessment support


What you need to consider

What the experts say

Reporting on assessment


Demonstrate progress simply and easily...

We don't believe in tests for tests’ sake and we think assessment should be simple and easy to implement.

Our assessment tools reflect where your children actually are and provide clear and easy next steps that enable you to assess your children's learning and quickly incorporate the results into your teaching. 

We've built these tools into our Progress and Assess, Bug Club, Abacus and Science Bug services. Find out more.

Assessment on the Primary Blog

Check out the Assessment archive on The Primary Blog for a range of articles and opinions about assessment and accountability.

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