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Reading for pleasure


What does 'reading for pleasure' actually mean and how are we supporting the joy of reading?

Here are three steps to inspire all your pupils and take reading beyond the school gates...


1) Make the most of 'Time to Read'

'Time to Read' (formerly Booktime) is the national free books programme that provides a free book pack for every child aged 4-5 years in England to share and enjoy with their family and friends. It supports, encourages and enables reading for pleasure at home. Booktime is run by independent charity Booktrust and Pearson.  Since 2006 over 10 million books will have been given away. Find out more. 


2) Get your free Reading for Pleasure Guide

To help you get to the 'plain English' of the Government's drive to 'move English forward', we've put together aPractical Guide to Reading for Pleasure which is packed with suggestions and advice from schools who have successfully embedded reading for pleasure at the heart of their curriculum. Get your your free copy now


3) Say goodbye to dry and dull extracts

Bug Club is a great places to start your hunt for books and resources that your children will love to read for pleasure. It's a powerful whole school reading programme that is proven to raise attainment in reading and spelling – and loved by over a million children in the UK. It brilliantly combines stunning books and an incredible online reading world, filled to the brim with kid-favourite characters, to hook children into a lifelong love of books and develop confident young readers.

 Reading for pleasure - Bug Club has so many fiction books to choose from



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Tips on Reading for Pleasure

Free Reading for Pleasure guide 

Get free eBooks 

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