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Curriculum Audit Course

Cambridge Primary Review Trust

Audit your school’s practices and decide which areas to focus on to develop an outstanding curriculum.

Developed in collaboration with the Cambridge Primary Review Trust, this one-day course will assist with auditing your current curriculum practice and identifying areas for improvement. It goes far beyond the changes to the national curriculum (in England), looking instead at broader principles of effective curriculum management that bring children to the heart of a balanced and creative curriculum.

Register for more infoWhy choose this day?

Do you want to use the introduction of the 2014 national curriculum as an opportunity to look at your curriculum provision as a whole and discuss how you can work towards an outstanding curriculum?

Is it your priority to ensure you offer a genuinely broad, rich and balanced How much does it cost?curriculum, driven by your vision and aims for your school, that meets the needs of all your children? If so, this course is for you.

Although your plans for implementing the new national curriculum will be touched on very briefly , this will not be the focus of the day. Instead, your consultant will help you to think about questions such as:

  • Are the aims of your school clearly articulated and understood by all, and are your curriculum, pedagogy and assessment truly driven by them?
  • Is teaching time used proportionately and effectively to promote curriculum breadth and richness, with every single child getting their entitlement to the full curriculum?
  • To what extent do you listen to what children say about the curriculum, and take account of their experiences and knowledge?
  • Does your school have the capacity and expertise to plan and teach the broader school curriculum effectively?


Pearson Primary Professional DevelopmentWho from our school should attend?

There are two options for who from your school might attend this day:

1. Senior Leadership Team and/or Curriculum Leaders only: this option will allow much more focused attention from your consultant, and therefore more guidance and support. And because you won’t have the whole staff there, you won’t need to fit this into an INSET day!

2. Whole teaching staff (max. 25 delegates): this option allows SLT to hear ideas and opinions from all teachers, and means there is no need to cascade messages to the rest of the staff.


Where and when will the course take place?

The course will take place in your school, on a day that suits you.


Pearson Primary Professional DevelopmentWhat are the course objectives?

  • Learn about what the evidence from the Cambridge Primary Review shows about successful curriculum design.
  • Audit your current practice against the Review’s six imperatives for developing an outstanding curriculum: Aims; Breadth; Knowledge; Community; Pedagogy; Capacity. 
  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement to build into your school development plan.


What does the agenda look like?

Here is an indicative agenda:

Curriculum Audit Agenda

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