The Cambridge Primary Review Trust and Pearson

The Cambridge Primary Review Trust (CPRT) exists to ensure that all children benefit from a primary education that is stimulating, empowering and grounded in the best available evidence.


In spring 2013, coinciding with its move from Cambridge to York University, the Cambridge Primary Review Trust signed an agreement with Pearson, the world’s leading  learning company. This provides core funding for the Trust’s independent programmes and offers exciting opportunities to spread its message ever more widely.

Together, Pearson and the Trust are developing professional support services and materials for schools based on the Trust’s ‘6Es’: entitlement, equity, empowerment, excellence, expertise and evidence.

The podcast from the 'Any Primary Questions' launch event of the CPRT and its collaboration with Pearson chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby  is now available .Robin Alexander's key note speech from the event is available to read here.

Listen to the 'Any Primary Questions' podcast


Watch the 'Any Primary Questions' video


More about the CPRT


The Trust aims to be a major player in the reform of primary schooling, working with both the architects and agents of policy and the teachers who invest so much in this vital phase of education. It aims to help schools respond effectively and critically to the many demands made on them – be they political or professional, pedagogical or practical.

The Trust, a not-for-profit company receiving core funding from Pearson, builds on the work of the Cambridge Primary Review. This independent initiative, launched in 2006, remains the most comprehensive and searching enquiry into primary education in England in 50 years. Its 600-page final report, Children, their World, their Education, was published to general acclaim – and not a little controversy – in 2010.

The Review provides the basis for the work of an ever-increasing number of primary schools. Since 2010 it has established a network of regional centres and a database of many thousands of members. With close ties to researchers, policymakers and teachers in over 20 countries and links to 150 others, its perspective is truly international and its messages reach around the globe.


Programmes and priorities

The Cambridge Primary Review Trust has initiated four programmes:

  • policy engagement
  • research
  • school development and leadership
  • professional development and networking

Through these it will tackle seven priorities that reach back to the headline concerns of the Cambridge Primary Review:

  • Combating educational disadvantage - by finding and sharing practical ways to close the gaps in social equity and educational attainment.
  • Listening to children - by advancing children’s voice and rights in classroom and school in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Starting - and continuing - with aims - by ensuring that well researched aims and principles for primary education - such as those proposed by the CPR - serve a real rather than cosmetic purpose, driving and shaping curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and the wider life of the school.
  • Providing an engaging, rich and relevant curriculum -  by responding to both national and local need, ending the damaging division between core and non-core, pursuing a view of knowledge as much more than the acquisition of unquestioned facts, and teaching every subject to the highest possible standard.
  • Promoting teaching that makes a difference - by developing a pedagogy of repertoire, rigour, evidence and principle, rather than mere compliance, with a particular emphasis on fostering the high quality classroom talk which children’s development, learning and attainment require.
  • Advancing assessment - by encouraging forms of assessment that enhance learning as well as test it, that inform and improve teaching as well as account for it, that support rather than distort the curriculum and that aim for high standards in all subjects.
  • Connecting with the community - by promoting links with other schools and community interests, developing communal values in school and classroom a nd exploring the potential of a community curriculum alongside the national curriculum.

Primary Curriculum 2014 events and courses

With a revised national curriculum about to be launched, the first phase of the Trust/Pearson collaboration was a national programme of conferences -  Primary Curriculum 2014: developing an outstanding curriculum in your school -  organised in alliance with the leading subject associations. 


From January 2014 these landmark professional development events were  held in inspiring regional venues with the aim of helping schools to meet the requirements of the revised national curriculum while advancing the aims, principles and broader vision for which the CPRT stands and to which many teachers subscribe.

Following on from the success of the events, the Handbook "Developing an outstanding curriculum in your school", initially developed for delegates of the conferences, has been released for general sale.

More recently, a raft of Curriculum Development Courses developed with the CPRT and one with KANO and Naace have been announced and you can find out about these courses here.

Other initiatives will be announced shortly.

You can find out more about The Cambridge Primary Review Trust by visiting their website .



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