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1. Logging in to Bug Club|

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1. Logging in to Bug Club

1.1: Can I change my username and password?
If your account has been set up by the Bug Club administrator, you can change your username and password in My Profile. If you are the Bug Club administrator, you can edit other teachers’ usernames and passwords but you will need to call the Customer Support helpline to change your username and password.


1.2: Can a pupil be reminded of their login details by the system?
If a pupil has forgotten their login details or entered them incorrectly, they will be prompted to ask their teacher for a reminder. You can change the pupil’s login details to something more memorable by editing them in the Pupil tab of School Admin.


1.3: How do I edit a pupil’s username or password? 
Go to Pupils in School Admin and click on a pupil in the list. In the pop-up box, click Edit Pupil.


1.4: How do the pupils receive their login details?
You need to give out the login details which are listed under Pupils in School Admin. There is a letter for ‘going home’ on page 26 of the Bug Club Manual which has a space for writing each pupil’s login details.



2. Administration

2.1: What does admin rights mean?

A teacher with admin rights can create pupils accounts in bulk and can create other teacher accounts.


2.2: Some of my pupils have hyphenated first names (e.g. Anne-Marie) or special characters in their names (e.g. Amélie). Can I enter these?




Yes. The website will accept special characters, and these will appear in the child’s username. If you don’t want this, you will need to edit the username.


2.3: One of my pupils has left the school. How do I delete their record?

Go to Pupils in School Admin. Click on the pupil in the list. Tick the box next to the pupil’s name and then click Delete Selected.


2.4: How do I purchase or renew a Bug Club licence?

Go to Licences in School Admin to see which licences need renewing. Call 0800 587 8032 or visit http://www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk/Primary/Literacy/AllLiteracyresources/BugClub/BugClub.aspx|


2.5: Will my pupils’ progress be retained when I renew/purchase a licence?

Yes, all the data against a pupil name will remain against your School ID number, even if a licence expires. When you renew, the data and progress you are tracking, will be seen, as you left it.



3. Searching for and allocating eBooks


3.1: How do I reset my search so that I can view all my Bug Club books?

There are hundreds of eBooks in the system, so to avoid pages and pages of listings, we recommend you refine your search to a broad reading level e.g. Yellow – all levels, unless you are looking for a specific eBook, in which case Quick Search may work better for you.



3.2: Can I search for an eBook about a certain topic, e.g. space?

You can search for an eBook on a certain topic by typing key words into Quick Search. You can search via titles, themes, genres, fiction characters, author names or illustrator names.



3.3: Why are some of the eBooks greyed out?

eBooks are greyed out when you don’t own a licence for an eBook-pack containing them. You can click the link to go to the Pearson website to purchase a pack containing them.



3.4: How many eBooks can I allocate to a pupil?

You can allocate 5 eBooks to the pupil’s homepage and another 10 eBooks in waiting, ready to feed through once they have completed the eBooks on their homepage.



3.5: How can I ensure a child completes an eBook of my choosing?

The pupil can choose any of the eBooks that are allocated to them on their homepage. If you want to ensure that they read a particular one, you could either just allocate that one eBook or else not allocate anymore until they have completed the eBook of your choosing.



4. Using eBooks

4.1: What is the difference between the pupil and teacher eBooks?



The Teacher versions have extra annotation tools for in-school sessions and the ability to hide all quizzes if they prove distracting in a lesson. Some Teacher versions also have edit-the-text functionality (titles with the icon in the search listings).


Teacher Version                                                                              Pupil Version

Image of Bug Club teacher version   Image of Bug Club Pupil version


4.2: Can I save or print the eBooks?



You can’t print or save the eBooks but you can order print copies by visiting http://www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk.co.uk/Primary/Literacy/AllLiteracyresources/BugClub/BugClub.aspx|.


4.3: Can I save my annotated eBooks?



No, the annotations and edits to text within Teacher eBooks cannot be saved. The annotations are saved within a lesson (so as you navigate between pages) but they will disappear as soon as you close the eBook.


4.4: Which eBooks have editable text?

 ebooks with edit-the-text functionality have the edit-the-text icon next to the title in Book Search. There is one fiction and one non-fiction title with this feature at each Book Band Level:




4.5: Are there books to go with the online program? How do I order them?

For every eBook, there is a print copy available. There are also Planning and Assessment Guides for every year group, and guided reading cards for every title. These can be purchased from http://www.pearsonschoolsandfecolleges.co.uk/Primary/Literacy/AllLiteracyresources/BugClub/BugClub.aspx|



5. Creating classes and groups

5.1: Can I create classes with mixed year groups?

Yes. You can select different year groups from the dropdown menu in Create Class. This will allow you to select pupils to add to your class from different year groups.


5.2: How do I move pupils from one class/group to another?

Go to Class Management and click on a class or group to edit it. Once you are in the Edit pop-up, select pupils to add or remove using the tick boxes and the Add or Remove arrows.


5.3: How do I share classes with another teacher who wants to see reports on the same pupils?

Click on a class in Class Management and then click Share. You can choose to share your class with more than one colleague (e.g. for a job-share, or with the Headteacher) and can also choose to transfer the class completely (e.g. at the end of an academic year).


5.4: Can I create groups from different classes?

You can only create groups within a class rather than across different classes.


5.5: My new class has just moved up from Year 1 to Year 2. Do I have to do anything in the system?

No. On August 1st, the system will move your pupils to the next intake year within School Admin, so they are now listed in the higher year group. Their login details will not change. You should transfer your class to the Year 2 teacher to save them having to create the class again, and you could ask the Reception teacher to share their class with you now. All the data already collected against a pupil will remain with them.


5.6: A new pupil has started in my class part-way through the school year. Can I add them to the class list?

Yes. Go to Pupils in School Admin. Click Create Pupil and enter the new pupil’s details. Then go to Class Management, click on the class and click Edit. When you select the intake year, the new pupil should now appear and you can select them to add to the class.



6. Reporting in Bug Club

6.1: Why are their only graph icons next to some of the eBooks?

The graph tracks the pupil’s progress over the whole of a Book Band Level, so the graph icon appears against only one eBook of that Book Band Level. If you want to see the progress on a book by book basis, you can see this by clicking on a class and then a pupil name in Reporting.


6.2: What do the smiley faces mean?

The smiley faces indicate the pupil’s own feedback on completed eBooks.


6.3: Can I see how many ‘Bug Points’ each pupil has?

The number of ‘Bug Points’ is shown on the Bug Points meter on the pupil’s homepage. This is not visible on a teacher’s homepage.


6.4: What parent advice is available on the pupil homepages?

Parents are given advice on what reading level their child is on and how they can support them.


Parent Help Screen

 Image of Parent Help Screen

6.5: How do I go back to my alerts?

Your alerts will appear on the Home page when you first log in, as quick reminders of what information you can access in other areas of your homepage e.g. exclamation alerts against pupil names who have two or fewer eBooks. Once you have done a book search these alerts will disappear until the next time you login.



7. Technical queries

7.1: What browsers can I use?

You can use Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3.5+ or Safari 4+. 


7.2: Can I link to Bug Club from my VLE?

There isn’t a single sign-on from a pupil’s VLE into their Bug Club homepage, but you can embed the URL www.bugclub.co.uk|| within your pupils’ VLE, so they have the link ready for logging in. If you think that your pupils will struggle to remember two sets of logins (one to their VLE, one to Bug Club) then you could change their username and password in Bug Club to match their existing login details. Go to School Admin and click on a pupil’s name to edit their login details.


7.3: Is Bug Club data secure?

Yes. Each child is given a personalised username and password, and each school has their own School ID number for extra security. Click on Privacy Policy in the footer to access Pearson’s policy for keeping your data secure.


7.4: What is a .csv file?

A .csv file is an excel file that is comma delineated. To create a .csv file, create an excel file and choose save as. Select .csv from the dropdown menu.


7.5: Why can’t I launch Phonics Bug Teaching Tools?

You will need to purchase a licence for Phonics Bug before you can launch the Phonics Bug Teaching Tools. You can purchase a licence from the Pearson website. Please note that the Phonics Bug Whole Class Teaching Software will launch in a separate browser window and the scores from these activities won’t feed into the Bug Club reporting system.



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