Bug Club Guided Reading

Deepen your children’s understanding and deepen comprehension with guided reading books that children would recommend themselves.*


P084_BC_Guided_175x175What is it?

A robust guided reading programme that provides everything you need to help children master fluency and deepen comprehension. With exciting printed texts and materials to help save teachers time, and improve children’s deeper understanding of texts.


What's in it?

Bug Club Guided Reading combines beautiful print books and eBooks that your children will want to read, plus pupil workbooks, teachers cards, an online teacher toolkit, and professional development courses shown to increase effectiveness of materials.*

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P084_BC_King_Kafu_170x170How it works

Guided Reading is broken into KS1/P1-3 and KS2/P4-7 packages, with each approached differently to better suit the stage of your children’s development.

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Club Guided works.

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* Results after 18 months from an independent study carried out by leading academics from UCL Institute of Education (IOE), in partnership with the Pearson UK Research Team. Research findings on progress are based on pupils being ahead of the control group.


Download the structure chart. (4.72MB, PDF)

Key Stage 1 / P1-3

  • 133 titles
  • Guided reading cards
  • Photocopiable masters
  • Activities
  • Reporting

From £449.

Key Stage 2 / P4-7

  • 120 titles
  • Weekly teaching cards
  • Online teacher toolkit
  • Pupil workbooks

From £249.

Whole school

  • 253 titles
  • Guided reading cards (KS1 / P1-3)
  • Photocopiable masters (KS1 / P1-3)
  • Activities (KS1 / P1-3)
  • Reporting (KS1 / P1-3)
  • Online teacher toolkit (KS2 / P4-7)
  • Pupil workbooks

From £549.


"Fun, interactive, engaging and most importantly, makes reading an experience that children can be proud of."

Kelly Holden-White
Literacy Coordinator
St Marys' RC Primary School, Bicester

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