Bug Club’s Guided Reading packages provide everything you need to help children master fluency and deep comprehension.

Perfect for print packages, the Guided Reading materials help save teachers time and improve children’s deeper understanding of texts.

How it works at KS1

At KS1, Guided Reading is centred around fantastic books that children will want to read, and easy-to-use teacher cards to ease the burden on preparation.

Each Guided Reading card for KS1 covers multiple sessions with the teacher, going into depth with each text and asking questions that will challenge and grow a child’s comprehension skills.

How it works at KS2

At KS2, Guided Reading is built on a robust, three question approach.

  1. The looking question: literal comprehension
  2. The clue question: making connections and inferences to further comprehension
  3. The thinking question: going beyond the text, connecting text to self and text to world to access deep comprehension


Want to know more?

Packages include:

  • Over 150 wide-ranging and engaging texts
  • Multi-session guided reading cards for KS1 texts
  • Weekly teaching cards for KS2 teaching
  • Pupil workbooks at KS2 to encourage thinking around the story
  • Brilliant online teacher toolkit to save time, assess and view progression within written work
  • Professional Development Course built for your package

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