Bug Club offers an engaging and imaginative Independent Reading solution for your whole school.

In Bug Club’s Independent Reading packages, the Bug Club online reading world comes into its own.

Discover the Online Reading World

Accessible anywhere, fun to use, and with embedded activities in every eBook, children will be keen to read and will become engrossed in a world of reading.

Reading world

The online reading world is packed with benefits for teachers and pupils alike:

  • Allocate eBooks to your children at the click of a button
  • Each eBook in the reading world comes with its own embedded activities to inform your formative assessment
  • When children complete the activities they earn coins that can be spent in a range of reward worlds
  • As children complete eBooks they build up a library, so they can easily re-read their favourite books

Want to know more?

Packages include:

  • Online subscription, access Bug Club on your tablet or laptop from anywhere
  • Up to 447 Independent Reading titles (depending on package)
  • Teaching guides
  • Activities and reporting
  • Professional Development Courses to make the most of what’s available

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