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+ Bug Club Starter Packs (Print) (8)

Bug Club Gold Starter Pack
ISBN: 9780435148683
Bug Club Lime Reader Set
ISBN: 9780433017806
Bug Club Orange Starter Pack
ISBN: 9780435148614
Bug Club Purple Starter Pack
ISBN: 9780435148669
Bug Club Turquoise Starter Pack
ISBN: 9780435148638
Bug Club White Reader Set
ISBN: 9780433017882
Brown (NC 3C-3B) Starter Pack (Year 3)
ISBN: 9781408274958
Grey (NC 3A-4C) Starter Pack (Year 4)
ISBN: 9781408274965

+ Bug Club Orange Level (Print) (2)

Bug Club Orange GR Pack Wave 1 2013
ISBN: 9780435148706
BC NF Orange A/1A Strawberries at School
ISBN: 9780433004592

+ Bug Club Turquoise Level Print (2)

Bug Club Turquoise GR Pack Wave 1 2013
ISBN: 9780435148720
£503.00Currently out of stockQty
Bug Club Turquoise B/1A Yun and the Ice Spirit 6-pack
ISBN: 9780433018414

+ Bug Club Purple Level (Print) (3)

Bug Club Purple GR Pack Wave 1 2013
ISBN: 9780435148744
Bug Club Purple A/2C Yun and the Fire Demon 6-pack
ISBN: 9780433018391
Bug Club Purple B/2C Yun and the Giant Bird 6-pack
ISBN: 9780433018407

+ Bug Club Year 3 Brown level (print) (11)

BC Brown Teaching Guide New Edition Wave 3
ISBN: 9780435144128
Bug Club Brown A/3C Double Trouble 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274606
Bug Club Brown B/3B Pizza at the Double 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274637
Bug Club Brown A/3C Moya the Luck Child 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274613
Bug Club Brown B/3B The Malice Family 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274644
Bug Club Brown A/3C The Quigleys: Wild Life 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274620
Bug Club Brown/C Comic: Unexpected! GRC
ISBN: 9781408274668
Bug Club Non-fiction Brown B/3B Dead Gorgeous 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274675
Bug Club Non-fiction Brown A/3C How to be a Sports Star 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274699
Bug Club Non-fiction Brown A/3C Globe Challenge: Lost in Egypt 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274705
Bug Club Non-fiction Brown B/3B 101 Ways to Beat Boredom 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274590

+ Bug Club Year 4 Grey level (print) (12)

BC Grey Teaching Guide New Edition Wave 3
ISBN: 9780435144135
Bug Club Grey A/3A Rocket Ronnie and the Vortex of Doom 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274729
Bug Club Grey B/4C Rocket Ronnie and the Bleekoids 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274750
Bug Club Grey A/3A Heading for Glory 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274736
Bug Club Grey B/4C Stage Fright! 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274767
Bug Club Grey A/3A Charlie Small Gorillas vs The Leopard Men 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274743
Bug Club Grey B/4C Charlie Small :The Chasm of the Killer Bees 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274774
Bug Club Grey/3A Comic:Shocks and Secrets 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274781
Bug Club Non-fiction Grey B/4C Dead Losses 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274798
Bug Club Non-fiction Grey A/3A How to Be An Explorer 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274811
£36.00Currently out of stockQty
Bug Club Non-fiction Grey A/3A Globe Challenge: Buried Treasure 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274828
Bug Club Non-fiction Grey B/4C 101 Ways to Save the Planet Before Bedtime 6-pack
ISBN: 9781408274712

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