Help every child master deep comprehension

Every child can be a comprehension champion!

Bug Club Comprehension is a fresh approach to teaching deep comprehension through guided reading.

It uses a powerful and proven talk-based, mastery approach to help your children develop a deeper understanding of texts and prepare them, regardless of decoding ability, for the higher expectations of the national curriculum and end of key stage tests.

  • Supports a more in-depth, consistent approach to teaching comprehension
  • Centres around rich and meaningful discussion 
  • Helps children to develop their vocabulary
  • Inclusive for all children: removes barriers to comprehension caused by poor word reading Download your free taster
  • Sparks the interest of today’s children by combining rich print books, audio eBooks and beautifully designed workbooks
  • Saves planning time by giving you everything you need at your fingertips to teach comprehension strategies and assess progress
  • Provides the tools you need to gather concrete written evidence for formative assessment

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Live outside the UK?

  • International schools can buy the international edition of Bug Club from Pearson Global Schools here.
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Series includes:

  • Online teacher toolkit with planning and teaching support
  • Teacher Handbook
  • Beautifully designed print books
  • Pupil Workbooks
  • Professional Development course

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