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Everything you need to teach synthetic phonics at Foundation and Key Stage 1

Did you know teaching synthetic phonics can actually be a whole lot of fun? Phonics Bug has everything you need to set all of your pupils on the path to a lifelong love of reading.

Written by Rhona Johnston and Joyce Watson - authors of  the famous Clackmannanshire study -  you can be sure kids will develop ALL their core decoding skills. 

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FOUR reasons why UK schools are catching the Phonics Bug!  

1. It's made teaching and learning phonics fun again with CBeebies videos, interactive games and captivating readers and eBooks.

2.  You can monitor progress at a glance - eBook quizzes feed the scores to you automatically! 

3. You know it will work because it’s mapped to Letters and Sounds phases and based on a proven pedagogy.

4. It works seamlessly with Bug Club extension readers to help their children expand their reading horizons and makes reading even more fun.



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Series includes:

  • Teaching software (online)
  • 134 decodable books and eBooks including:

    - 60 fiction titles
    - 44 non-fiction titles
    - 30 Alphablocks titles
  • Teaching and Assessment Guide Reception (P1)
  • Teaching and Assessment Guide KS1 (P2-3)
  • Photocopy Masters 
  • Flashcards (Phases 2-4)
  • Flashcards (Phases 5-6)

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Customer Review:

"The children are very excited about Phonics Bug. You just know they're going to be engaged and motivated every step of the way"

Sue Feneiron, Brookfield Infants, Kent

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