The Rapid Family

The proven intervention approach for reading, writing, phonics and maths for SEN and struggling learners

Welcome to the Rapid FamilyRapid is a family of resources for catch-up in phonics, reading, writing and maths. Based on proven pedagogy, Rapid has been shown over-and-over to hugely improve children’s confidence and accelerate learning.

Each Rapid resource combines colourful characters, dyslexia-friendly fonts, and digital technology to help each pupil take the small but important steps they need to make progress. What's more, children love Rapid! Many tell us it’s fun, it helps them be more confident and most importantly, it makes them like learning again.  


Meet the Family...

  • Rapid Phonics is based on the Sound Discovery method devised by Dr. Marlynne Grant. It makes phonics snappy and memorable for readers age 6 and over who've fallen behind.

    Rapid Phonics is Based on the Sound Discovery Method

  • Rapid Reading is the rapid route to success for struggling readers in Key Stage 2 that’s been shown to quadruple progress!

    A huge selection of print and digital books for struggling readers

  • Rapid Writing offers guided writing to give your struggling writers a boost.

    Rapid Writing

  • Rapid Maths is the multi-sensory approach to help your struggling learners catch-up in number skills.

    Rapid Maths

Take a look at the evidence Efficacy Guide

You can see evidence that Rapid works in our Efficacy Guide. It contains school and LA case studies, results data and much more from real schools achieving real results with Rapid.

Series includes:

Rapid Phonics - 56 decodable books and 56 ebooks, teaching support and pupil software

Rapid Reading – 112 reading books, assessment support & speech-recognition software

Rapid Writing – 9 pupil writing logs, teaching support & pupil software

Rapid Maths – 5 pupil maths books, home books, teaching support & pupil software

Rapid Professional Development - Getting started and refresher training to help you get the best results with Rapid.

Customer Review:

"It was one of the best experiences of my teaching career' (using Rapid with one boy). It's cost-effective...frees staff up and personalises learning in an interesting way. If you want to focus on the learning and the success of the children... then this is the programme to do it."

Kay Harrison, SENCO, Hillfields Primary School, Bristol

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