Abacus - for the 2014 primary maths curriculum

Find out how Abacus ensures mastery of skills|Inspire confidence and a love of maths - and help every child master the national curriculum

Abacus is a unique maths toolkit that’s carefully crafted to help you inspire a genuine love of maths and help every child master the national curriculum.

Over 75% of teachers report that Abacus contributes very significantly or significantly to children’s attainment, progress according to their age, and confidence in maths.*

Abacus is written for the 2014 primary national curriculum in England and built on evidence and research into what makes outstanding teaching and learning. Importantly, Abacus has been built by a team of expert authors and teaching practitioners who understand the realities of teaching and learning in a UK classroom.

  • Find out how Abacus can help youEverything you need to instil confidence, inspire a genuine
    love of maths
    and help every child master mathematical concepts.
  • Assessment resources and tools to help you track children’s attainment and their progress towards Age Related Expectations.
  • A flexible toolkit for Reception through to Year 6 that puts you in control of your maths teaching. 
  • Mapped to a selection of NRICH’s rich mathematical tasks to support a deeper understanding of key mathematical concepts and further extension.
See how Abacus ensures mastery of skills.| 

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Live outside the UK?

  • International schools can buy the international edition of Abacus from Pearson Global Schools here.

*Survey run by Pearson measuring impact of Abacus on 95 teachers who have used Abacus for over a year.

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Service includes:

Online toolkit
Consisting of online planning tool, plan ideas and activities, teaching tools and interactive activities, assessment materials - and more.

Online pupil world
Consisting of maths practice games, speaking and listening activities, problem-solving activities, rewards and avatars.

Workbooks and Textbooks

Professional Development

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Customer Review:

"Teachers are looking forward to teaching maths - perhaps more than any other subject."

- Deputy Headteacher,
The Cathedral School of
St. Saviour and St. Mary Overy

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