Ruth Merttens

Ruth Merttens is Professor of Primary Education at University of St Mark and St John, Plymouth. She is an early years specialist and is particularly involved with teaching both Maths and English in Reception. Her work in early years led her into a heavy involvement with the development of the National Numeracy Strategy, particularly in writing the training materials. Ruth authored the original version of Abacus, the UK’s Number One Primary Maths scheme in 1996. She created a revised version in 1999 and developed a brand new version – Abacus Evolve - which published in May 2005. Ruth's advice to early years teachers is to trust their professionalism and common sense. "Stick to what you know, never mind the labels, or how you might be positioned or perceived for doing this or that. "We must not become bogged down by bureaucracy. The job is to excite and enthuse children, and to teach them."

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