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Introducing Maths Made Easy, the new homework service from Pearson and Carol Vorderman


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With increasing workloads setting homework can be an additional stress that most teachers could just do without. On top of setting it there is also the additional time required to mark it, check your pupils' progress and, if a student is struggling, go over the lesson again. 

Additionally the challenges of getting children to engage with homework are not just about what you give them but getting support from parents too. Our new service takes care of this by allowing parents access to the service online anytime so they can easily track their child’s progress, see what tasks have been set and even try the tasks themselves.

Powered by The Maths Factor, this service is designed for teachers to help make setting and marking homework quick and easy so you can spend time on what you do best, teaching. 

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Helping with homework

  • Transform homework from a hassle into an essential part of teaching by reinforcing key learning with simple online tasks.
  • Save time and energy by using the service to easily set and mark tasks.
  • Engage parents by showing them their child’s progress and how they can track this online.
  • Track pupil progress quickly by using the class results function.
  • Keep kids motivated by using online tests so they can see instant results.
  • Get better results by working through the different tasks and videos.


Next steps



Series includes:

Instruction Videos: Every homework task has a video from Carol Vorderman explaining the maths required to complete the task.

Practice Sessions: Every task has a practice session so children can practise the maths until they feel confident to take the test.

Tests: Every activity has a test so teachers and parents can monitor pupil’s progress.

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