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Pupil Resources


Three Number Workbooks and one Shape, Space and Measures Workbook per year provide

lively activities for independent practice of specific skills.

  • Closely related to the Teacher Card lesson.
  • Minimum reading for the child with one concept per page.
  • Provides help with assessment by highlighting the concepts or skills practised.
  • Encourages creative and mathematical thinking with investigations.

Number Textbook for Abacus 2

Working alongside the Abacus 2 Number Units to encourage children to begin to interpret instructions and take responsibility for recording their own work at infant level.

Textbooks for Abacus 3, 4, 5 and 6

Two Number Textbooks and one Shape, Data and Measures Textbook for Years 3 to 6. Brightly illustrated, these books provide independent practice of specific skills.

  • Clear and appropriate reading levels, with easy to use layout.
  • Encourage creativity with investigation and process skills.
  • Problem solving tasks included throughout.

Games Packs

One Games Pack for each year provides fun materials for practising and discussing a variety of mathematical skills.

  • Easy to use, simple to set up.
  • Enough material for several groups to work on the same activity at the same time.
  • Helps improve children's maths by providing interest and challenge.
  • All activities coded with the appropriate level of difficulty.

Pupil Activity Software

Integrates with the core Abacus components, to work alongside your existing planning and teaching. Devised to fit within the group work part of the daily maths lesson, the activities provide variety and differentiation through ICT.

Simmering Activities

These mental maths activities and puzzles provide ongoing oral practice of key skills in Number, Shape and Measures.

  • Reinforcement and rehearsal of mental maths skills couldn't be easier.
  • Fun activities that engage children and sharpen key mental strategies.
  • A perfect bank of ideas for the plenary session or any spare moment in the day.


Teaching Resources

Teacher Cards

  • This unique component provides everything you need to organise and teach a unit.
  • The front of each card gives support for whole-class teaching on day one of a topic.
  • The back provides further teaching advice for subsequent days.

Teachers' Resource Books

There are two Teachers' Resource Books for Foundation - one for F1 and one for F2.

  • Find help with planning through weekly plans that follow the ‘stepping stones’ approach to achieving the Early Learning Goals.
  • Get suggestions for independent supported play and differentiated teacher-initiated activities.
  • Assess and record progress with easy to use record-keeping grids.

Teacher Books

A manageable Teacher Book for each year gives the background to the programme and shows how the materials can be used effectively to deliver appropriate work to all pupils.  It includes:

  • Specific correlation charts.
  • Record-keeping assessment grids.
  • Planning charts.

Activity Books

There are two Foundation Activity Books - one for F1 and one for F2, with a further activity book for every subsequent year.

  • Find activities for all situations with ideas for paired, group or whole-class investigations, differentiated to three levels.
  • Link to other resources - all activities fully referenced to the Teacher Cards.
  • Get support to use your teaching skills - fun activities help you reinforce key concepts but offer easy-to-manage suggestions for further input.
  • Build into your planning - key learning points and assessment opportunities highlighted.

Photocopy Masters

  • Abacus includes a set of photocopy master for each year.
  • Provide further practice and reinforcement of key mathematical skills.
  • Enhance all children's learning with extension and problem-solving activities.

Mental Warm-up Activities

  • Encourage the development of mental skills with these 10-minute warm-up activities for each day.
  • Reinforce key skills by rehearsing previously taught mental strategies.
  • Help with the practice of counting, rapid recall and number fact.
  • Link unit-by-unit with the related Teacher Cards.

Big Books

There are two Foundation Big Books - one for F1 and one for F2 - and six more for Years 1 and 2.

  • Stimulate lively group discussions with bright photographs and illustrations.
  • Make learning fun with games and small group activities.
  • Get advice and ideas with teacher's notes for each page.
  • Integrate your teaching with full reference to Abacus Teaching Units.


Teaching Software

Abacus Teaching Software

One CD for each year from age 5-11.

Abacus Interactive Big Book

Ideal for use on an interactive whiteboard, these resources allow you to display all the Big Book pages for the whole class. There are two Interactive Big Books - one for Foundation and one for ages 5-7.  

  • Stimulate discussion and capture your children's attention by dsplaying all the Big Book pages for the whole class.
  • Focus on key teaching points with tools for highlighting and annotating the pages on screen
  • Focus children's attention on particular areas of the screen with the zoom facility
  • Get suggestions for the best way to use the software with clear Teacher's Notes


Higher ability

Challenge Books for Abacus 1-6

A Challenge Book in each year provides the further enrichment and extension from a unit that your higher ability pupils need.

  • Help able pupils develop mathematical understanding with challenging mathematics.
  • Broaden pupils' understanding using open-ended and problem-solving activities.
  • Reduce your workload with minimal teacher input and minimal use of additional materials.

Abacus 7: Extension for Year 6

This unique strand offers a year's programme of extension materials for Year 6 pupils who are achieving NC Level 5 and above. Structured around the core Abacus components, Abacus 7 is fully referenced to the units in Abacus 6. Abacus 7 contains Teacher Cards, Teacher's Resource Book and Pupil Textbook, all offering unrivalled support for teaching and planning at NC levels 5 & 6. 


Lower ability

Numeracy Support Books for Abacus 1-6

Abacus offers a Numeracy Support Book at each year for pupils who are struggling with basic number work.

  • Use as a dip-in resource as the basis for an Individual Education Plan.
  • Find carefully graded examples of specific numerical skills with follow-up Photocopy Masters
  • Gain support with alternative teaching strategies and a range of practical techniques.


Assessment resources

Assessment Books for Abacus 1-6

These photocopiable assessment sheets for each Abacus unit are perfect practice for National Tests. Fully supported by teachers’ notes they provide:

  • Practical advice on delivering the test
  • Diagnostic advice
  • Remediation activities for children who need further support
  • Oral mental maths questions.


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