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Rapid Plus

We developed Rapid Plus alongside Dee Reid, Catch Up founder, to support KS3 struggling, EAL, and SEN readers. It's independently proven to more than double progress in just a few months*. Students see themselves as 'real readers' for the first time, and teachers report seeing them grow more confident across all of their subjects.

When you've taken a look at the free samples and case studies, get in touch. Your local consultant can answer your questions and assist you in choosing a Rapid Plus scheme that's right for your school, budget and pupils.

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Why Rapid Plus?

  • Age-appropriate content, with real-life topics, to inspire a love of reading in KS3 students.
  • A dyslexia-friendly font that was designed especially for the series.
  • Innovative software, featuring a 'read to me' feature to encourage independent learning.
  • Teaching support and level tests that both specialists and non-specialists will find easy to use.


Next steps:

Learn more about Rapid Plus with our case studies and FAQs. Why not try out some free samples with your students, to better understand the benefits of the scheme.



Rapid Plus


“There are assessment books for each level, a teacher’s guide and online software for independent work at home or at school. The programme has been thoroughly prepared. The books are carefully graded to move up steadily from a reading age of 6.6 to 8.6. Three new sets appear in 2012 taking the reading level to 9.6…the teaching guide will prove very useful. It gives clear guidance for both one to one, and small group lessons… This is an excellent series that will be helpful and entertaining for students, easy for teachers and TAs to use, and comes at a price that most schools should be able to afford…”

Graeme Whyte, Special Children magazine review, 2011


 *Read the independent report in full here.



Series Includes

1 x Evaluation Pack

2 x Complete easy buy kits

2 x Easy buy starter kits

7 x Easy buy stage packs

8 x Stage 3 Reading Books

8 x Stage 4 Reading Books

8 x Stage 5 Reading Books

8 x Stage 6 Reading Books

4 x Stage 7 Reading Books

4 x Stage 8 Reading Books

4 x Stage 9 Reading Books

7 x Assessment Books

2 x Teaching Guides 

Customer Review

 "In our work supporting children with literacy difficulties in the Borough of Poole, we have found the Rapid Plus books to be an excellent motivational resource to engage struggling and reluctant readers. Often, for the first time, the pupils see themselves as real readers." 

C Chandler, SENISS Management Team, Poole

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