GCSE Geography Controlled Assessment


Our published resources for Controlled Assessment provide extra support for teachers and students when it comes to the Controlled Assessment unit in GCSE Geography for our Edexcel, OCR and AQA courses.


Supporting you with Controlled Assessment

The write-in Controlled Assessment Workbook helps students and teachers tackle this unit with ease.

  • Structured to lead students through the assessment criteria and ensure complete coverage of the specificiation requirements.
  • Unpicks the mark scheme and provides practice and guidance at every stage so students can complete the fieldwork report with confidence.
  • A write-in format and storage pocket enables students' materials to be collected and stored in one place as part of the exam boards' 'controlled' conditions.
  • Packed with good practice examples to show how to achieve the top grade.


To see sample pages click on the link below for your exam board:


Edexcel GCSE Geography A|

Edexcel GCSE Geography B|

Understanding GCSE Geography for AQA A|

OCR GCSE Geography B|


To order an inspection copy please click on the links below:

Edexcel GCSE Geography A Controlled Assessment Workbook|

Edexcel GCSE Geography B Controlled Assessment Workbook|

Understanding GCSE Geography for AQA A Controlled Assessment Workbook

OCR GCSE Geography B Controlled Assessment Workbook|


Where can I find help with Controlled Assessment in the new Edexcel A and B courses?

  • In the Controlled Assessment Workbook above.
  • In the Student Book where you will find a dedicated chapter giving advice and guidance on the Controlled Assessment.
  • In the Teacher Guide and ActiveTeach you will find teacher notes, activities, plus student exemplars with examiner commentary.
  • On the Edexcel website.


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