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What is ResultsPlus Booster?

ResultsPlus Booster for Edexcel GCSE Mathematics and Edexcel GCE AS and A Level Modular Mathematics is an innovative online and learning assessment tool built on technology that is used by millions worldwide. Written to save you valuable time, it also allows you total transparency when it comes to tracking your students’ progress as they make their way through the tasks.

ResultsPlus Booster:


  • contains a wealth of activities to support student performance
  • is easy to use and easy to install
  • highlights problem areas so you can implement additional activities


ResultPlus Booster is available for:

Take a look at this short introductory video for ResultsPlus Booster and find out how easy it is to use and how it can help to support your students' performance:

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Why cHOOSE ResultsPlus booster?

•Allows students to experience real Edexcel exam-style questions on screen, giving the benefits of instant examiner feedback and total familiarity with the question types and requirements.

•Delivered online to ensure total currency of questions for the new specification.

•Includes thousands of multi-part questions, labelled by grade, giving students a variety of practice to meet their needs exactly.

•Links seamlessly to other Edexcel course components, giving students and teachers a clear, consistent learning experience.

•Advanced reporting tools give unmatched insight into student performance, enabling teachers to pinpoint exactly where individuals are going wrong.

•Works alongside ResultsPlus Progress to allow you to address the weak areas that ResultsPlus Progress diagnoses.

•Built using MathXL technology, Pearson’s world-leading maths improvement program, proven to have improved the results of over 3 million students. 

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                            ResultsPlus Booster for A Level 

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