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Heinemann Advanced History: Medieval England 1042-1228

Part of the Heinemann Advanced History series

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November 2004

Up-to-date exam preparation.

The only A Level book on the market covering medieval History

  • Separate sections for AS and A2 ensures your students have the information they need at the right depth.
  • Exam preparation and advice at the end of each section help your students understand and improve their learning.
  • A more accessible AS format eases the transition from GCSE while the A2 section develops students' skills and helps them rise to the challenge of A Level exams./LI>

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AS SECTION:  The Norman Conquest of England, 1042-1100


  1. England before the conquest
  2. Who would succeed Edward the Confessor?
  3. Why did William the Conqueror win the Battle of Hastings?
  4. How did the Normans secure the kingdom?
  5. The governance of Anglo-Norman England
  6. How did society change after the Conquest?
  7. The Anglo-Norman Church

AS Assessment

A2 SECTION:  England, 110-1228


  1. The reign of Henry I
  2. Was the reign of King Stephen a period of 'anarchy'?
  3. The reign of Henry II
  4. Good King Richard, bad King John?
  5. How did English society develop in the twelfth century?
  6. Church and Crown

A2 Assessment



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