The Perfect Enemy

Part of the HEROES series

Publication Date
June 2012

When Ralph Bennett’s life seems it can get no worse, in walks a man with a box that clearly is worth its weigh in gold. Ralph can’t help but steal it, desperate for money and any way out of his life as a servant. He ignores the box’s warning and opens it, unwittingly releasing his Doppelgänger – his perfect double. Evil double, that is. The Doppelgänger unleashes havoc throughout the city, and soon Ralph finds himself accused of murder. With the Doppelgänger and the police always close behind, Ralph and his friend Myrtle desperately try to find a way to defeat the supernatural embodiment of evil and while staying out of the gallows. When they finally confront the Doppelgänger in the ultimate showdown, only one can emerge victorious. But which Ralph will survive?

Customer Reviews

J Hambleton, Librarian
Beverley Grammar
2 August 2012

The characters are straight out of 'Dickens' and because they have flaws they are believable. The feel of the book, small pictures, clear font, coloured paper and short chapters make the series stand out on the shelves and appeal to the student who 'just wants to read something without spending ages looking'. When books from this series are returned we are often asked for more in the series. We have therefore put all our 'HEROES' in one place under the banner 'Gripping Tales'. Because the series is written by established authors we can encourage our students to continue reading longer novels by authors known to them.


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