The Demon Hunter

Part of the HEROES series

Publication Date
May 2012

While on an archaeological dig in Egypt with his father, Jai accidentally opens a portal to an ancient world. Suddenly, he is confronted with Anubis, God of the Dead, who captures his father and sets Jai on a mission to hunt a demon who has escaped from the underworld and is wreaking havoc on Victorian London. Jai finds himself a stranger in a strange land, searching for a demon who jumps from human host to host to disguise its true nature and savagely hunt and murder in peace. The only way to stop it is to destroy its human host, but first you have to stay alive long enough to find it. And in Victorian London, there’s only one name on everyone’s lips … Jack the Ripper!


Customer Reviews

john, teacher
20 June 2016

This story is perfect for high school level students. The vocabulary, plots, and literature is appropriate for teens.


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