CWS: The Wine of Astonishment with CSEC Study Notes (Heinemann)

Part of the Caribbean Writers Series

Publication Date
April 2010

NEW edition with CSEC study notes

This new edition of  The Wine of Astonishment is part of the Heinemann Caribbean Writers Series and includes CSEC-specific study notes to help students to prepare for their exams.

Bolo, the main character, is a champion stickfighter, tall, good-looking, the fastest and the strongest and the bravest of all the young men in Bonasse. When, time and again, he sees his people humiliated by change and American troops his instincts as a leader come to the fore. But the stand he makes takes on bizarre and tragic forms.

Earl Lovelace writes about the survival of a small community of Spiritual Baptists with a lyricism and understanding of dialogue which has established an international reputation.

Study Notes have been prepared by Ken Jaikaransingh, a teacher from Trinidad with many years experience of teaching English.

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