KS3 Maths Progress


Building confidence in Maths

Our KS3 Maths Progress course has been carefully developed by the same series editors as our Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Mathematics course, with the help of UK teachers and based on academic research into what improves learning in mathematics.

It has the same mastery approach and unique unit structure with in-built differentiation as our Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Mathematics course, to provide you with a consistent teaching and learning experience from 11 to 16.


Our KS3 Maths Progress course:

  • is developed to help build confidence in mathematics and prepare your students for the new GCSE
  • supports your planning, teaching and assessing students' progress
  • caters for all attainment levels with differentiated Student Books
  • focuses on problem-solving and mathematical reasoning skills
  • provides plenty of extra practice on every topic.




Download our guide to KS3 Maths Progress to get an overview of the course and the guide to the pedagogy.


  Download the Course Guide           Download KS3 Maths Progress pedagogy guide  

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Try before you buy

You can try sample units from:

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Also, take a look at how we meet the Publisher Association Guidance for Publishing Mathematics Teaching Resources.


Series Includes

  9 x Student Books (level 3-8+)
  9 x Progression Workbooks (level 3-8+)

  ActiveLearn Digital Service (levels 3-8+)
  The full annual subscription includes:
 - Front-of-class teaching resources
 - Homework, practice and support
 - Teacher planning materials
 - Progression and assessment materials




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