AQA Functional Mathematics Student Book

Part of the AQA Functional Skills Mathematics series

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Publication Date
June 2010

A complete one-stop solution for your Functional Mathematics course.

Written by senior examiners and authors of previous pilot schemes, our resources work both as a standalone course or integrated into your GCSE or KS3 teaching.



Covering both Levels 1 and 2, this Student Book comes packed with real-life scenarios, newspaper cuttings, timetables, maps and charts to bring maths into the real world. We’ve also organised our resources by mathematical topic so you can see at a glance how to integrate your Functional teaching with your GCSE teaching. Each topic covers the basic maths needed, also allowing you to teach Functional as a standalone course.


Contents Listing

Level 1
Introduction to Level 1

1 Working with whole numbers-Mobile phone deals
2 Recording data-Social networking sites
3 Fractions, decimals and percentages-Shopping online
4 Ratio-Hairdressing
5 Understanding data-Fire protection
6 Mean and range-The London Marathon
7 Probability-The National Lottery
8 Measures-Wildlife in Britain
9 Formulae-Apprenticeships
10 Perimeter, area and volume-Healthy homes
11 Geometric shapes-School garden

Exam Café

Level 2
Introduction to Level 2
12 Whole numbers and decimals-The Reading Festival
13 Recording data-The Blogosphere
14 Fractions, decimals and percentages-Personal finance
15 Ratio-Catering
16 Understanding data-School trip to Paris
17 Statistical methods-Scuba diving
18 Probability-Crime patterns
19 Measures-Down the gym
20 Formulae-Wind power
21 Perimeter, area and volume-Deforestation
22 Geometric shapes-Candle company

Exam Café 

Customer Reviews

Jan Long, Lecturer
Chesterfield College
6 April 2014

This is an excellent student book for Functional Maths. There is lots of clear and simple information, as well as useful examples and practice exercises. I particularly like the way there is a reasoning given for learning each skill, as well as the way it is explained both in and out of the context. The Exam Cafe is excellent, with lots of useful hints and tips for managing all the skills needed on the day. The book is split between level 1 and level 2 and it is also clear to see the distinction between the two, which is also useful for progression and building on previous skills. An excellent publication which links beautifully with the teachers' version and provides a no-nonsense approach to Functional Maths, which will benefit any student preparing for the big day.

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