AQA GCSE Mathematics for Higher sets Student Book

Part of the AQA GCSE Mathematics 2010 series

Publication Date
February 2010

All set to make the grade

Vibrant and eye-catching, this Student Book for Higher sets will make progression and engagement as easy as possible.

  • Graded objectives start each section.
  • Skills check boxes remind students of the maths needed.
  • Worked examples break the maths down into easy chunks.
  • Lots of graded questions ensure students push themselves.
  • You'll find new Assessment Objectives integrated into exercises.
  • Suitable for use with both modular and linear specifications.

Contents Listing

Unit 1 Statistics and Number

1 Data collection 

2 Fractions, decimals and percentages 

3 Interpreting and representing data 

4 Range and averages 

Problem-solving: Statistics 

Problem-solving: Number 

Functional maths 

5 Probability 

6 Cumulative frequency 

7 Ratio and proportion 

Functional maths 

8 Complex calculations and accuracy 

Problem-solving practice 

Unit 2 Number and Algebra

9 Estimation and currency conversion 

10 Factors, powers and roots 

11 Fractions 

12 Basic rules of algebra 

Functional maths 

13 Decimals 

14 Equations and inequalities 

15 Formulae 

16 Indices and standard form 

17 Sequences and proof 

18 Percentages 

Problem-solving: Algebra 

Functional maths 

19 Linear graphs

20 Quadratic equations 

21 Further algebra 

Problem-solving practice 

Unit 3 Geometry and Algebra

22 N umber skills 

23 Angles 

24 Triangles, polygons and constructions 

25 More equations and formulae 

26 Compound shapes and 3-D objects 

27 Circles, cylinders, cones and spheres 

Problem-solving: Geometry 

Functional maths 

28 Measures and dimensions 

Functional maths 

29 Constructions and loci 

30 Reflection, translation and rotation 

31 Enlargement 

32 Congruency and similarity 

33 Pythagoras’ theorem and trigonometry 

34 Circle theorems 

35 N on-linear graphs 

36 Further trigonometry 

37 Transformations of graphs 

38 Vectors 

Problem-solving practice 

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