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Studio KS3 French your pupils will want to learn!

Studio 11-14 French resources are packed with content your KS3 pupils will enjoy learning. Plus, they move at the right pace for your pupils ‒ whether or not they have prior French knowledge ‒ and open the window to the French-speaking world.

  • A tried-and-tested approach that supports progression with parallel differentiated Pupil Books.
  • The NEW Studio KS3 French toolkit by Rachel Hawkes provides all you need for the new Programme of Study ‒ how to teach translation, use literary texts and boost spontaneous use of the target language, and will help you embed the skills pupils will need for the new 2016 GCSE. 
  • Boost engagement with our online front-of-class teaching resources including the Pupil Books on screen, video clips, audio and interactive activities.
  • Our online homework and support helps your pupils practise their language skills and use language independently in the classroom and at home.
  • Teacher planning materials include downloadable Teacher Guides and progression and assessment materials to match the course to help monitor pupil progression.


Free online evaluation.| You can evaluate the products within Studio online, including a real slice of our online front-of-class teaching resources and our online homework and support.




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Series includes

  • NC Levels 1-7
  • x6 Student Books
  • x6 Progression Workbooks
  • x3 Audio Files
  • x6 Teachers' Guides
  • x1 KS3 French toolkit
  • ActiveLearn Digital Service (Years 7-9)
  •  - Front-of-class teaching resources
  •  - Homework practice and support
  •  - Teacher planning materials
  •  - Progression and assessment materials
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Customer Review

Studio is amazing. It has totally revolutionized the work we're doing with KS3 and is so enjoyable to teach. It has helped us to raise attainment with the current year 8, who started with it in year 7, and we are on track for our best KS3 results at the end of next year when they've completed Studio 3. ” Mrs J Ardern, Principal Teacher of Modern Languages

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