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BBC Active GCSE Bitesize Art and Design

Help students to develop their ideas and achieve the best possible result



Support from coursework to exam
- GCSE Bitesize is not limited to support for the exam; it actively encourages students to cover the breadth of Art, Craft and Design.
- It provides support for BOTH units of the GCSE course - Unit 1 Coursework and Unit 2 Externally Set Assignment/ Exam.

Full Range of Art History Pages
- The art history pages are a unique way of encouraging students to make connections between their work and that of artists from other times and cultures.
- The guide encourages students to develop their OWN responses and not follow predetermined outcomes.

Photocopiable word frames
The writing frames help students think and write critically about their work, and are linked directly to the Assessment Objectives.

Preparation for the exams
Includes special advice on performing better in the exam and using the preparation period to best effect.

A fantastic reference guide and support for teachers too!
We offer a special class pack deal so, as a teacher, you can distribute the guide during lessons and your students can refer to it at whatever stage they are in the course.


Digital evaluation

 Order digital evaluation copy

 This includes:

x1 Revision Guide

x1 Complete Revision Class Pack

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