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AQA A Level PE - The best preparation for the 2008 AQA specification


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AQA A Level PE offers an integrated suite of resources to help you deliver the latest specification with complete confidence.

  • Student Books for AS and A2 provides your students support for improving their learning including plenty of support for assessment. Further revision and exam practice support is provided in Exam Cafe at the end of each section of the Student Book.
  • Teaching Resource Packs provide a range of supporting materials to help you prepare motivating lessons.  Supported by a CD-ROM and integrated with the Student Book, the Teaching Resource Packs also include activity worksheets, analysis worksheets, PowerPoints, video clips, audio files and more.

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Series includes

  • x2 Student Books (AS & A2)
  • x1 Teacher's Resource Packs (A2)
  • x2 Evaluation Packs (AS & A2)


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