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Results Plus Revision: GCSE Citizenship SB+CDR

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June 2010

Revision support for Edexcel GCSE Citizenship

  • Topic-based sections in the Student Book highlight objectives and issues so students can keep their revision relevant.
  • An accompanying CD-ROM of multiple choice questions enables students to identify their weak areas and focus their revision.
  • Real-life exam questions (and answers) provide valuable exam practice and feedback.
  • ResultsPlus exam improvement data and insights help students to avoid common misconceptions, build better answers and improve learning.

Contents Listing

Unit 4
1.1 Rights and responsibilities
1.2 Power, politics and the media
1.3 The global community

Unit 3
3A.1 Individual
3A.2 Community
3A.3 National
3A.4 Global
3A.5 Political
3A.6 Social
3A.7 Ethical
3A.0 Environmental change and sustainable development
3B.1 Individual
3B.2 Community
3B.3 National
3B.4 Global
3B.5 Political
3B.6 Social
3B.7 Ethical
3B.0 Changing communities: social and cultural identities
3C.1 Individual
3C.2 Community
3C.3 National
3C.4 Global
3C.5 Political
3C.5 Social
3C.6 Ethical
3C.0 Influencing and changing decisions in society and government 


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