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Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Unit 4A: Religion & Life - Islam Student Book

Part of the Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies for 2009 series

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December 2009

Edexcel's course for the new GCSE Religious Studies specification

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    Section 1 Believing in Allah


    1.1   Muslim upbringing and belief in Allah

    1.2   Religious experience and belief in Allah

    1.3   The design argument and belief in Allah

    1.4   Causation and belief in Allah

    1.5   Science, non-belief and Muslim responses

    1.6   Unanswered prayers and Muslim responses

    1.7   Evil and suffering and belief in Allah

    1.8   Muslim responses to evil and suffering

    1.9   The media and belief in Allah


    Section 2 Matters of life and death


    2.1 Muslim beliefs in life after death and the effect on the way they live

    2.2 Non-religious belief in life after death

    2.3 Non-belief in life after death

    2.4 The nature of abortion and legislation

    2.5 Muslim attitudes to abortion

    2.6 The nature of euthanasia and Muslim attitudes to it

    2.7 The causes of world poverty

    2.8 How and why one Muslim agency is trying the end world poverty

    2.9 Matters of life and death in the media



    Section 3 Marriage and family life


    3.1 Changing attitudes towards marriage, divorce, family and homosexuality in the UK

    3.2 Muslim attitudes to sex outside marriage and homosexuality

    3.3 The purpose of Muslim marriage and how this is shown in a wedding ceremony

    3.4 Muslim attitudes to divorce

    3.5 Muslim teachings on family life

    3.6 How mosques help with the upbringing of children

    3.7 Muslim attitudes to contraception

    3.8 The media and marriage and family life



    Section 4 Community cohesion


    4.1 Changing attitudes to the roles of men and women in the UK

    4.2 Muslim attitudes to equal rights for women in religion

    4.3 The UK as a multi-ethnic society

    4.4 Government action to promote community cohesion

    4.5 The work of one Muslim organisation to help asylum seekers

    4.6 Why Muslims should promote racial harmony

    4.7 Differences among Muslims in their attitudes to other religions

    4.8 The UK as a multi-faith society including the benefits of living in a multi-faith society

    4.9 Issues raised for religion by multi-faith societies

    4.10 Ways in which religions work to promote community cohesion in the UK

    4.11 Issues of religion and community cohesion in the media





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