Exploring Science: Working Scientifically

The UK’s Number 1 Key Stage 3 Science course!


Exploring Science: Working Scientifically is the comprehensive digital and print service for all your planning, teaching, learning, homework and assessment needs, providing the best preparation for your students for the new GCSE right from the start of Year 7. 

Offering you:        

    • Clearly defined and differentiated Learning Objectives for every lesson.
      These develop according to our unique progression grids, allowing you to define, secure and measure progression for every level. 
Extensive support on the use of formative assessment techniques
Our approaches have been rigorously trialled by the University of Reading to ensure that your students make greater progression through the use of high-impact teaching approaches.
  • Preparation for Key Stage 4 from the start of Year 7.
    Follow evidence-based approaches to the teaching of Literacy and Numeracy and tackle the barriers to progression.
  • Rigorous summative tests.
    Use to track student's progression. Read more. 
  • Our ActiveLearn Digital Service.
    Containing everything you need in the classroom and at home, all in one subscription.
Not only that, our Year 9 resources include three specific GCSE Transition units which focus on content that helps to prepare students for GCSE study, setting them up ready for the new Edexcel Science (9-1) GCSE. 


Find out more about our resources for the Edexcel GCSE Science (9-1) 2016 course.


Support for 11-16 Progression

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Try before you buy

Course Guide

ActiveLearn Digital Service 
In-class, Homework and Practice and Teacher planning online resources.

Series Includes

- Student Books

- Teacher and Technician Planning Packs (print)

- Activity Packs (print)

- Assessment Support (print)

ActiveLearn Digital Service
The full annual subscription includes:
- Homework practice and support (powered by ActiveLearn)
- Front-of-class teaching resources (powered by ActiveTeach)
- Teacher planning materials (Planner and Teacher and Technician Planning Pack)
- Activity Pack
- Assessment Pack

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