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Edexcel Salters Nuffield Advanced Biology

Edexcel’s course for the context-led approach to the 2008 GCE Biology specification

Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology (SNAB) provides support material for the context-led approach to the Edexcel GCE Biology 2008 specification. SNAB is a complete course with its own distinctive philosophy. It covers biology through real-life contexts, combining the key concepts underpinning biology today with the opportunity to gain the wider skills that biologists now need. 


  • Promotes success through engaging and motivating students that cater for a wide range of learning styles.
  • Encourages independent learning and builds a wide range of skills , including data analysis, critical evaluation of information, communication and collaborative work.
  • Facilitates planning and teaching by giving teachers a comprehensive suite of resources for the whole department to support the context-led approach.
  • Provides dedicated support from the Nuffield and UYSEG project teams, including training.

SNAB Online re-launch!

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Salters' Book Grants

Schools that teach the Salters' A Level Curricula can apply for grants of up to £500 towards books for the following courses:

  • Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology
  • Salters Advanced Chemistry
  • Salters Horners Advanced Physics

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Salters A level Science 2015 




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Series Includes

  • x2 Student Books
  • x2 Active Books Site Licence
  • x3 SNAB Online (AS, A2 and AS/A2 Combined)
  • x2 Revision Guides
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