Edexcel GCSE in Leisure and Tourism Student Book

Part of the Edexcel GCSE Leisure and Tourism series

Publication Date
September 2009

Edexcel's own resources for GCSE Leisure and Tourism

With an engaging, real world focus and expert help with planning and assessment, Edexcel GCSE in Leisure and Tourism resources deliver unbeatable support that is designed to save you time and ensure your learners succeed to the best of their abilities.

  • Written for the 2009 Edexcel GCSE in Leisure and Tourism specification, so you can be sure your students have everything they need for this course.
  • Covers all four units to give both double and single award students everything they need to complete the course.
  • Engaging 'Your World' activities encourage students to apply their learning to real-world contexts.
  • Case studies bring a work-related feel to lessons and support students in relating theory to practice.
  • Dedicated assessment sections fully prepare students for assessments and help them to succeed at the level that's right for them.
  • Topic-based approach, with summaries at the end of each section, ensures that content is covered in manageable chunks that are easier for students to absorb.

Contents Listing

Unit 1 The Leisure and Tourism Industry 

1.1 The Nature of the Leisure and Tourism Industry 
1.2 Introduction to Business Operations in Leisure and Tourism 
1.3 Factors Influencing Customer Choice 
1.4 Introduction to Destinations, Impacts and Sustainability 

Unit 1 Make the Grade 

Unit 2 Sales, Promotion and Operations in Leisure and Tourism 
2.1 Sales in Leisure and Tourism Contexts 
2.2 Promotion in Leisure and Tourism Contexts 
2.3 Promotional Techniques and Materials in Leisure and Tourism 
2.4 Operations Used in Leisure and Tourism Organisations 
Unit 2 Make the Grade 

Unit 3 The Leisure and Tourism Environment 

3.1 A Dynamic Industry 
3.2 UK Tourist Destinations 
3.3 The Impacts of Tourism 
3.4 The Issue of Sustainability 
Unit 3 Make the Grade 

Unit 4 Customers and Employment in Leisure and Tourism 

4.1 Visitor Attractions, Leisure Facilities and Tourist Destinations 
4.2 Customer Choice 
4.3 Providing Services for Differing Customer Types and Needs 
4.4 Employment Opportunities in Leisure and Tourism 
Unit 4 Make the Grade 

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