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Skills for Writing Scotland

Skills for Writing provides ideal support for the Curriculum for Excellence Literacy and English Levels Third and Fourth. Be sure to download the matching chart and course guide to help you get started and you can also try out free sample units from the course by visiting our online evaluation site.

  • All lessons matched against Curriculum for Excellence Literacy and English Levels Third and Fourth.
  • Interactive resources which encourage independent learning.
  • Built-in homework opportunities.
  • Learning objectives for all lessons.
  • Self-evaluation opportunities built in.
  • Cross-curricular opportunities built in and matched against specified Experiences and Outcomes from Science, Social Studies and Expressive Arts.
  • An excellent resource to facilitate Health and Wellbeing across learning and Literacy across learning.
  • Active Learning and Teaching are a central focus.
  • Excellent skills preparation for National 4 and National 5 Literacy.
  • Skills builder for National 5 English Portfolio of Writing.


If you'd like to speak to our Scottish Senior Curriculum Consultant about our Skills for Writing resources or the pedagogy training, contact Margaret Robertson

Home phone/fax: +44 (0)1294 203591

Mobile Phone: +44 (0)7879 486374


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Download the Curriculum for Excellence Matching Chart


Download the Skills for Writing course guide

Please Note: Although this course guide

talks about KS3, it is relevant for 11-14

year olds studying the scottish curriculum.

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