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Level 3 Diploma Principles of Light Vehicle Technology Candidate handbook

Part of the Motor Vehicle Technology Level 3 series

Publication Date
May 2012

Pearson offers a total solution for those taking and delivering the new Level 3 qualifications in the Principles of Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, providing everything you need for the fast track to success

  • Designed specifically for your Level 3 learners to provide an accessible, relevant and professional handbook that helps candidates progress in their career.
  • Helps learners focus on diagnostics and rectifying faults as a progression from Level 2.
  • Covers the latest technology within the industry which not only provides the knowledge and skills to pass the qualification, but is highly relevant to the workplace.
  • Problem-solving features help put theory into practice and better prepare candidates for the world of work.
  • Highlights employability skills in a range of focused case-studies.

Contents Listing

Chapter 1 Introduction to Light Vehicle Technology / Diagnosis and Rectification

Chapter 2 Diagnosis & Rectification of Light Vehicle Chassis System Faults

Chapter 3 Diagnosis & Rectification of Light Vehicle Engine Faults

Chapter 4 Diagnosis & Rectification of Light Vehicle Auxiliary Electrical Faults

Chapter 5 Diagnosis & Rectification of Light Vehicle Transmission & Driveline Faults

Chapter 6 Identifying & Agreeing Motor Vehicle Customer Service Needs


Sample Content

Customer Reviews

Chris Glynn, Lecturer
West Lancashire College
20 July 2012

The detail within the books is amazing with up to date information and full colour pictures help the learner link the theory with the practical. The resource disk has lots of activities for the learner with step by step instructions.

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