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BTEC Entry 3/Level 1 Health and Social Care (Foundation Learning)

BTEC’s own resources for Entry 3/Level 1 learners - by the BTEC team, for BTEC learners - supporting learners every step of the way to BTEC success.

BTEC’s own resources for Entry 3/Level 1 Health and Social Care are tailored to the needs of Entry 3 and Level 1 learners – providing content for both specifications that help learners engage with their studies, achieve their potential, and progress to employment or BTEC Level 2 First.

  • Student Book- covering 11 units from Level 1 and 4 units from the Entry 3 specification.
  • Teaching Book and Resource Disk- including a teacher's version of the Student Book, helpful planning tools, lesson ideas and inspiring activities.
  • Part of the Foundation Learning framework - BTEC Entry 3/Level 1 qualifications are eligible for funding as part of the foundation learning framework. Find out more about Edexcel's Foundation Learning qualifications.

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Series Includes

x1 Student Book
x1 Teaching Book and Resource Disk

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