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Heinemann Advanced History: China, 1900-76

Part of the Heinemann Advanced History series

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October 2006

Exam preparation for the best results.

Providing focused exam practice and advice to help students improve their learning, this is the perfect book for AS Level studies covering China in the twentieth century, from the downfall of Imperial China to the death of Mao Tse Tung. Exploring all the key events in the right depth, the book has been written specifically for Edexcel Units 2G and 3G, but is suitable for all A Level studies of this period. An accessible resource, it helps to ease the transition from GCSE and help students targeting their Key Stage 4 studies.


Contents Listing

1. Introduction

2. The last years and fall of the Qing Dynasty

3. The new China: a troubled and chaotic childhood, 1912-27

4. Rival visions of the new China, 1928-37

5. War with Japan

6. Civil war and communist victory

7. The new Dynasty: China, 1949-56

8. Politics, personalities, dissent and repression: China, 1954-58

9. The Great Leap Forward

10. Recovery and revolution: China, 1961-69

11.China and the world, 1949-76

12. The last years of the red emperor: China 1969-76

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Customer Reviews

Andros Z Xiourouppa, Divisional Director - Humanities, Havant College 18/11/06
4 February 2008

"An excellent introduction to modern Chinese history. Geoff Stewart skilfully incorporates recent thinking into a text both accessible and informative for AS students".

Mr D J Hutchison, Head of History 3/11/06
16 January 2007

"Useful source of materials to support OCR entry level History and to assist with KS3 Twentieth Century Unit with low-ability year 9 students".

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